After School Program

Information on After School Program Surveys

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Survey Description

To ensure our afterschool program thrives, we actively seek feedback from all stakeholders – students, parents, and staff – at the conclusion of each semester. Participants complete surveys, either online or in paper format, addressing their experiences and perspectives. The results inform reports that highlight program strengths and potential areas for improvement.

Our program uses the Quality Rating Scale (QRS) developed by Diehl Consulting Group. Aligned with research-based best practices, the QRS evaluates program quality across five key domains:

  • Environment and Climate: Assessing the physical and organizational elements contributing to conducive learning environments, including safety, cleanliness, welcoming staff, and clear rules.
  • Relationships: Evaluating the quality of interactions between staff and students, focusing on mutual respect, active listening, and a supportive community atmosphere.
  • Youth Participation and Engagement: Gauging the extent of student involvement in activity planning, choice selection, and overall participation levels.
  • School Day and Afterschool Linkages: Examining the collaboration and alignment between school and afterschool staff in addressing students' academic and enrichment needs.
  • Parent/Family/Community Partnerships: Assessing the strengths and effectiveness of partnerships with families and community organizations, emphasizing communication, involvement, and positive relationships.

Beyond these domains, participants provide feedback on their overall program satisfaction and perceived benefits.

Participation is entirely voluntary and anonymous, meaning responses will remain confidential and are not linked to names. We encourage all eligible students to share their honest feedback.

By understanding the diverse perspectives of students, parents, and staff, we can collaboratively enhance the program's quality and maximize its positive impact on the lives of all participants.