Kindergarten Round-Up / On My Way Pre-K Info

Medora Community School's annual Kindergarten Round-Up will take place on April 26th from 12-4 pm.  For more information, refer to the flyer below:

Kindergarten Round Up Flyer

Applications are now being accepted for Pre-K as well. New student registration will be held on July 31st and August 1st from 12-6pm. For more information, refer to the flyer below: 

On My Way Pre-K Flyer

If you are unsure if your child is eligible, here is the list of requirements for the program, as well as instructions on how to apply:
  1. Child must be 4 but not yet 5 years old by August 1, 2018.
  2. Child must be a resident of Indiana.
  3. Parents/guardians in the household must have a service need (working, going to school, attending job training).
  4. Families must earn less than 127 percent of federal poverty level (FPL).   ** Family applications in Allen, Jackson, Lake, Marion and Vanderburgh counties will be accepted up to 185 percent FPL; however, all families at or below 127 percent must be enrolled first before families at higher income levels will be considered.
  5. Link to complete online application -